The course of acting with Zhenya Hanssen is interesting and effective exercises of various acting schools and methods - Stanislavsky, Chekhov, as well as exercises for the development of voice, articulation, presentation! Classes are suitable for everyone, regardless of the level of training - office workers, entrepreneurs, creative people.
Who is suitable for acting classes at the VoiceUp school?
1. For those who wants to be in harmony with their own body and emotions

2. For people of any profession who wants to express themselves through creativity and art

3. For vocalists who wish to expand their expressiveness palette.

4. For actors who seek to maintain their artistic form, getting rid of stamps and constantly finding new ways of acting on the stage

What you will learn:
You will be able to develop attention and ability to control a situation
Your body and voice will be more expressive.
Manage your emotions and not depend on your mood
Get the key to your own personality and ability to fully, limitlessly manage it.
The program is based on the classical methods of training professional actors, developed by K. Stanislavsky, M. Chekhov, E. Grotowski, who are part of the modern Hollywood education system

What is included in the training program?
Psycho-physical training, developing concentration, agility, imagination

Learning the basics necessary for a true stage experience (feeling of truth, emotional memory, stage attention, working with a partner)

Studies on attention, fantasy, justification of action, public loneliness, memory of physical actions, observation

Work with dramatic passages

And, of course, performances!

Classes are held in a small group and individually.
Individually or in a group - you get the result anyway!
Individual сlasses
  • Convenient schedule - work when you are comfortable
  • Individual singing
  • Lesson duration 60 min
  • Ability to transfer classes during subscription
  • Work on the repertoir
The cost of one lesson 2500 rub when buying a subscription for 4 lessons
Sing up for a lessons
Classes in the mini-group
  • Group up to 5 people, fixed time classes
  • Total duration of lesson 120 minutes
  • Class transfer is not possible
  • Work on the repertoire
The cost of one lesson 1500 rub when buying a subscription for 4 lessons
Sign up for a lessons
The right decision, your voice must be heard!
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The right decision, your voice must be heard!
Leave your contact details and we will contact you soon.
The cost of a trial lesson - 949 rub.
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Mentor: Dmitry Strigin
Specialization: teaching of English, acting.
Dmitry Strigin - singer, actor, vocal and language coach, laureate and winner of the Grand Prix of city, regional, All-Russian and international vocal competition, winner of the "Talent" award of the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation, "Best of the Best in Russia" award, participant top-60 Finnish television show "Idols".
Dmitry is the author of a unique method of teaching English through acting and vocal skills. For 6 months from scratch he put on a musical in English with people who had not studied the language before and never sang!
A graduate of the Moscow State Linguistic University (named after Moris Torez), the vocal department of the Moscow College of Improvisational Music and the acting department of the Russian Academy of Theatrical Art GITIS.
Successful artist of the musicals "Treasure Island", "The Bremen Town Musicians", "The Ballad of a Small Heart", "The Wizard of the Emerald City", "The Master and Margarita", "The Last Trial".

Mentor: Zhenya Hanssen
Mentor of acting, vocal and music theory.
Behind Zhenya GITIS (actress of the drama theater) and the Literary Institute. Gorky on the specialty literary translation, the intensives of Yale University teacher Polina Klimovitskaya.

Evgenia has been working on the stage for 27 years as a musician and actress. As a teacher and vocal producer, Zhenya more than once collaborated with Dima Bilan, the production centers of Mikhail Grebenshchikov and Max Fadeev, the variety art studio Recital Alla Borisovna Pugacheva, was engaged in staging the musical of graduates of the school Recital and preparing the contestants for Junior Eurovision. Evgenia's trainings include studying solfeggio, acting training on the system of Mikhail Chekhov, allowing the artist to better understand his body work, preparing vocal numbers for concert performances, producing vocals during studio work, producing songs in English in genres from hip-hop to rock.
The right decision, your voice must be heard!
Leave your contact details and we will contact you soon.
The right decision, your voice must be heard!
Leave your contact details and we will contact you soon.

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