Good and necessary addition to vocal training or playing any musical instrument. In the classroom we explain in simple language how to: read notes, disassemble the rhythm, record the rhythmic pattern with the necessary durations, accurately and cleanly intonate.

Solfeggio lessons in Voice up! are fun and very exciting!

What you will learn:
Hit musical notes, read and write them
To be able to identify by ear intervals and chords
Record a melody, songs with notes to the ear
Pick up chords of songs
Learn professionally music terminology
Have an understanding of meter, rhythm and size
Classes in the mini-group.
Classes in the mini-group
  • Group up to 5 people, fixed time classes
  • Duration of the lesson 120 minutes
  • Class transfer is not possible
  • Work with the repertoire
The cost of one class is 900 rubles when buying a subscription for 4 classes.
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Artyom Yeliseyev
The fascinating theory of music and solfeggio. Learn to write songs yourself!
Mentor: Artyom Eliseev
Theory of Music and Solfeggio
Learn the non-boring theory of music and solfeggio!

Artyom Eliseev - one of the most charismatic and interesting teachers of musical theory in Moscow! Acting teacher of the Moscow Provincial College of Arts.

Artyom received a musical education at a rather adult age, therefore he could critically approach the way of teaching musical theory and solfeggio.

Many people know that these two subjects are usually one of the most boring in music schools and discourage any desire to make music. That is why Artyom developed his own teaching methodology, which is based on living examples, interesting techniques for mastering the material - and most importantly, it is practical.

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We are located in the very center of the city, just 2 minutes walk from metro station Sukharevskaya.
The right decision, your voice must be heard!
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